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BGR Public Relations: A world class strategic communications, digital analysis, media relations and issue advocacy firm
When BGR was founded more than two decades ago, clients didn’t want help with the media or communications as part of our service. Now, almost every client wants – and needs – sophisticated messaging and media advice, including both paid and digital media. BGR Public Relations fulfills those needs in a big and unique way.

Led by award-winning TV and print journalist Jeff Birnbaum, BGR PR can explain how reporters think – and how they decide what news is from their perspective – in ways that conventional PR people simply cannot. BGR PR’s writing skills are also exceptional. But that’s just for starters. We offer the broad range of today’s communications services from top flight talent in-house and through expert partners particularly in social-media monitoring and analytics and paid advertising.  

Jeff is one of Washington’s most distinguished and accomplished journalists. For more than 30 years, he has operated at the city’s top echelon. He worked for 16 years at the Wall Street Journal, covering Congress, tax legislation, politics and the White House. He was a senior political correspondent for Time Magazine, the Washington bureau chief of Fortune Magazine, a columnist for the Washington Post and the Managing Editor-Digital of the Washington Times. At BGR, he has led coalitions and provided far-ranging advice and messaging for trade associations, corporations and foreign governments. He is also the author of four books about official Washington and has been a Fox News political analyst for more than a dozen years.

Jeff is joined by other proven leaders: Jo Maney, a well-regarded leadership aide in Congress who dealt daily with reporters on Capitol Hill and from around the world, and Frank Ahrens, an 18-year veteran of the Washington Post who went on to lead global corporate communications at the automaker Hyundai Motor.

Prior to BGR, Jo Maney worked on Capitol Hill for 14 years, 12 of them as Communication Director for the powerful House Rules Committee, the traffic cop for all significant legislation that moves through the House of Representatives. She complements Jeff perfectly because she worked from the inside to help develop communications strategies for the major stories that Jeff covered as a reporter, including anti-terrorism, economic stimulation and health care reform. At BGR PR, Jo’s responsibilities have included issue campaigns for transportation, financial services and international clients.

Frank Ahrens led Hyundai Motor’s public relations efforts worldwide for three years. He and his team created the company’s first English-language corporate media site including a blog, Twitter feed and media library. He also worked closely with Hyundai Motor government affairs offices in Washington and Brussels on breaking and long-range issues including labor, energy and trade. As a reporter and editor at the Washington Post, Frank covered the Federal Communications Commission, corporate and business news and the global financial crisis of 2008. He now works extensively with foreign governments and international clients and often leads digital efforts of various kinds for a wide range of clients.

Jeff, Jo and Frank work closely with Sam Amsterdam, BGR’s Head of Digital Communications, who designs websites, and Katy Robertson, who organizes media events and outreach, and outside partners for digital analytics and paid media. Together, they frequently work with BGR’s office in London. They are exactly the kinds of experts clients need to deal with crises, to advance policy goals, to conduct issue campaigns and to disseminate key messages widely and in the world’s most prestigious publications – on air, in print and online.

The public relations team works in tandem with the firm’s lobbyists and also has clients of its own. Services include: crisis communications, public policy campaigns, coalition management, digital monitoring and analysis, online and social media outreach, foreign-government representation and straight-up corporate PR. BGR PR has also developed a cottage industry of rebranding trade associations by choreographing the roll outs of their newly chosen chief executives.

BGR Public Relations specializes in:
Message development and media training
Opinion leader outreach and elite media placement
Crisis communications and reputation management
Op Ed preparation and placement
Earned and paid media planning and execution
Effective digital strategies, monitoring and analysis
Issue advocacy campaigns, video services and event coordination
BGR Digital and Social Media Practice
Reputations can be made and lost in seconds online. That’s why BGR PR offers a robust web design and social media practice. From development to day-to-day operations, we pride ourselves on delivering measurable results and transforming our clients into active players in a global online world.

We design and maintain next-generation websites. We also provide content for and manage the latest social media. We craft online messages that resonate with key audiences, improve online positioning through search engine optimization, conduct online petition drives and provide detailed analytics to demonstrate what our work has actually accomplished.

In 2014, BRG PR expanded our digital monitoring and analysis offering by partnering with SYNOPTOS, the award-winning big-data company. SYNOPTOS combines the rich analytical capability of human experts with breakthrough technologies to uncover emerging trends and deliver rapid response research. With the help of eye-opening graphics, clients get a full picture of themselves in the broad media and digital landscape and cut through the clutter of media noise to improve decision-making, strategy development and performance measurement.

SYNOPTOS uses proprietary technologies and algorithms developed, in part, through grants from the National Science Foundation and from Virginia’s Center for Innovative Technology, to produce a comprehensive suite of digital media monitoring and analysis. BGR PR works with SYNOPTOS to round out its communications offering. It also enlists the aid of a variety of advertising companies to create paid media campaigns when needed.

Compelling, next-generation website design
Comprehensive social media campaigns
Multimedia production and digital analytics
Creation of clear, attractive content
Outreach to new media editors and writers

The web has forever changed the rules of communication. Content-rich websites, blogs, YouTube videos, social media, e-books and other digital media are necessary tools for winning in today’s media landscape. No communications effort is complete without an online component. BGR’s online services are first rate.

Company President
Jeffrey H. Birnbaum



BGR Public Relations Leaders Include:
Jo Maney
Frank Ahrens
Samuel Amsterdam
Clients Include:

Airlines for America
American Chambers of Commerce – China, Shanghai
American Vaping Association
American Insurance Association
Chevron Corporation
Coalition for Fair Effective Tax Rates
National Air Traffic Controllers Association
International Franchise Association
Outdoor Advertising Association of America
Republic of India
Republic of Bangladesh
Select Medical Corporation
U.S. Green Building Council

With BGR at your side, you have a powerhouse partner in global government, commerce and media. BGR provides proven success in lobbying, crisis management and media relations. Contact BGR now to consider your next move.
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